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Mr. Saurbaugh's latest entry at his "Items of Interest" website.

Partnership and S Corp returns are due

3-15-2024 unless you applied for an extension.

Individual and C Corp returns are due 4-15-2024

unless you applied for an extension of time to file.

Please know that applying for an extension does not extend time to pay.




The IRS has announced Mileage Rates for 2024

You have until April 15, 2024 to make contributions to your IRA

and take a tax deduction on your 2023 tax return. You may

now contribute up to $6,500 if under age 50 to your IRA,

over age 50 you may now contribute up to $7,500. 



Business is 67 cents

Medical and Moving is 21 cents

Charitable is 14 cents

Depreciation component is 28 cents


The IRS DOES NOT make phone calls to you unless you have given them your phone number, and then only after you have received some form of correspondence.  This correspondence is via letter.  If you owe money to the IRS or State, please feel free to contact this office for guidance on resolution.  Please, please do not become a victim of newspaper, radio, TV or internet advertising concerning "eliminating" debts to the IRS or State governments!!!!!!!!!!!  If you are experiencing issues with either the IRS or your State income tax returns, please contact Russ for consultation and available options to resolve your issue.



There are new rules in place for office in home deductions which makes record keeping chores less stressful.



If you have unfiled returns, income tax, sales tax, employment tax, estate or gift tax, please call for information.  All matters are confidential and your privacy is protected.

Russ's Items Of Interest for Your Financial Needs I am dedicated to protecting your privacy, while providing accurate and complete preparation of your tax matters.


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